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New Ice Mask Delivery Method

Researched and developed over the last 2 years - it's finally here:

The brand new application system for the Ice Mask!

Now Ice Mask is easier than ever!Each mask is packaged seperately and comes with its own fluid. It's a patented system, where you press the middle until you hear a click, that way the liquid ingrediens are being absorbed by the mask and you can unfold and apply it as you were already used to.

Original Swiss Formula

The first of the new Ice Mask series is our aware winning, original Swiss Formula with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C.More formulas will be following, the very next one will be with Caffeine and Zinc. Looking for a name for the container! The new system is so unique, we still could not come up with a proper word for the container... we call it "the round thingy" which - granted - does not sound very sophisticated. Can you come up with better wording??Let us know and win 10 Ice Masks!

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