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The Ice Mask Story

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Developed in Switzerland

Ice Mask was developed, researched and made in Switzerland.

The US born creator Gary Hassler combined the American creativity with the high Swiss standards. Together with the reliable staff and business partners  Ice Mask to became a premier product with superior performance.

Made in Austria

To better serve the market of the European Union, the operation relocated to Vienna Austria, in 2014.


Since then there was a complete re-design of the classic Ice Mask and numerous new formulas came to existance.

The number one goal was achieved:

To create easy to use products with outstanding results.

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Evolution with customized evaporative cooling fluids

Our products and treatments have been developed and tested for years, each one of them has been thoroughly medically tested and scientifically proven to produce visible and verifiable results.


Over the years we have created many innovative award winning aesthetic products. Some have been selected by Europes top aesthetic medical companys as well as governments.

Across the globe our products are appreciated and chosen by reknown dermatologists and plastic surgeons, doctors, celebrities, world champion athletes, and many more.

Through demographic research and by studying consumer trends we are always ready to develop the next new idea for an emerging market. The Ice Mask is such an innovation based on this process.

The Ice Mask is the evolution of our cooling fluid on a facial applicator. Originally created for the Aesthetic medical market,  use pre and post facial surgery for reducing Swelling and Oedema. As we were successful in this area, and identified other needs for the Ice Mask we continued to develop the Ice Mask application system. The new Instant Beauty Ice Mask is the most innovative and perfect fluid delivery sytem in the world. It makes perfect. preservative free masks every time.

We are now using leading edge nano technologies in our Ice Mask cooling fluids . We use this in "Ice Mask Gold" to insure the maximum penetration and results are acheived. The benefits of the ingredients are enhanced while the results are optimzed.

Gary Hassler,
Creator of the Ice Mask
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